Lock Out Service

With multiple vans on the road we will endeavour to arrive on site as fast as possible. We aim to have you back into your property in a timely fashion.

Supply & Install Commercial/Domestic Grade Locks

Alliance Locksmiths aligns our business with only the highest quality of locks. Some of the brands that we use are as follows:

We have used these brands in commercial/domestic settings for years and yielded great results from the products we use.

Salto Electronic Access Control Systems

In our experience, Salto is one of the most user friendly Electronic Access Control Systems on the market. Once the system is installed, it is handed over to the client giving them the ability to add/remove cards as required and change the functions of the doors to suite every application. Our locksmiths are highly trained to help you design a system that will be the most functional for your property/business.

Alliance Locksmiths is certified in Salto Space and Salto KS which puts us in a unique situation to service any application ranging from schools, commercial properties, small/large business and residential properties.

Re-Key Locks to Same Key

Have you been fumbling round with multiple keys on your keyring just to get through your front door? Well it might be time to lighten your pocket and reduce that down to one key for your whole house. We carry a wide range of products to suit your needs. Believe me when I tell you, every client that gets this done wishes they had done it sooner.

Electronic Lock Solutions

If you’re thinking about changing one door or multiple doors to an electronic solution, Alliance Locksmiths has got you covered. We offer multiple brands to ensure you receive products that suit your lifestyle. This includes popular technology such as Cards, Finger Print Readers and mobile phone entry.

Master & Restricted Key Systems

This system offers higher security on your keys by giving peace of mind knowing that your key can’t be cut by other locksmiths as it is prohibited. Then a restricted system might be perfect for you. Our vans are loaded with stock and key blanks. This means if you need keys in a hurry, our vans are equipped to get the job done. If you are installing a new system or just adding a few doors we can cater to your needs in an efficient time frame.

Master keying your building gives you the ability to add different levels of keys. Having a key hierarchy means you can have a master key that fits your whole property and lower level keys allowing access to certain doors/offices.

Master and Restricted Key Systems

While restricted systems are heavily used in schools and big businesses that is not the only application for them. Did you know that if you install a restricted system on your rental property commercial or domestic, you can issue out a certain number of keys to your tenant and as long as they return all the keys once the tenancy is over. Your property will be secure and you can find a new tenant without having to worry about recoding the property. Now that’s piece of mind.

Mobile Key Cutting

Having worked heavily in schools, commercial and residential properties for over 25 year we have gained good knowledge on what keys are most common. Based on this knowledge we have a large stock of keys so most keys can be cut on site straight away. All vans are equipped with the higher quality Silca Machines and are regularly calibrated to ensure all keys are correct. The big advantage of getting key cut on site is that the keys can be tested which will save you time.

Our vans are also equipped with Silca markers. This means that your keys can be stamped to identify what doors they fit. They can also be numbered to assist with issuing them out to staff.

24 Hour Emergency Service

From accidentally locking yourself out to the unfortunate event of a break in. our 24 hour emergency service will get you inside and secure again.

Feel safe and secure in your home